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All appetizers served with dipping sauces.

Aloo Tikki $6.00Order
Fried mashed potato patties minced with cilantro, ginger and spices, served with chutney and yogurt.
Non-Vegetarian Samosas $4.95Order
Fried triangular patties stuffed with minced meat and peas.
Vegetarian Samosas $3.00Order
Fried triangular patties stuffed with potatoes and peas.
Vegetarian Pakora $6.00Order
Fried fritters of potatoes, spinach, onions and cauliflower.
Onion Bhajia $6.00Order
Slice onions deep fried with chickpea flour.
Panner Pakora $8.00Order
Fried cubes of Indian homemade cottage cheese coated with spices and battered in chickpea flour.
Chicken Pakora $8.95Order
Mildly spiced and fried chicken fritters.
Fish Pakora $9.00Order
Fish cubes marinated in special sauces and fried.
Shrimp Pakoras $10.95Order
Tiger prawns marinated in chickpea flour, spices and herbs.
Non-Vegetarian Combo Appetizer $12.95Order
Four chicken pakoras, four fish pakoras and two samosas.
Vegetarian Combo Appetizer $10.95Order
Four paneer pakoras, four cauliflower pakoras and two vegetarian samosas.